Therapy dogs and therapy animals for all ADA purposes
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Therapy dogs and therapy animals for all ADA purposes Therapy dogs and therapy animals for all ADA purposes Therapy dogs and therapy animals for all ADA purposes


Australian Shepherds

Buckingham Ranch Aussies has a mission statement we stand behind. Our goal is to breed Aussies as close as possible to the original breed type, with the thought in mind to keep the herding bloodlines prevalent, and include agility bloodlines, thus producing intelligent dogs that can follow hand signals and make independent decisions smoothly and quickly in the field. some of our bloodlines were exported to Iceland for sheep work and eventually made their way back to America.Aussie Puppies

One of our herding line males, Bingo, has proven to posess some qualities above and beyond, such as: he has received a scholarship from our Southwest Florida University for his outstanding work with cancer patients, autistic children, and alzheimers patients. Bingo was used in a training video (media presentation) and also in literacy mentoring with the READ program with autistic children.

Bingo has done a lot of hospice work, and in our opinion he has shown an ability to detect two types of cancer by smell. All that special, gentle work, and he can also herd cattle, is a great guard dog, and has never met a stranger! Bingo has gone on to produce that same intelligence and physical capabilities in his daughter, Roxy, and now her pups. We feel we are fulfilling the dream of the original Aussie by providing a dog for all uses from ranching, to nursing, to a great family member. We make a great effort to match the new owners to the pups. For example, look at The Keyworth Family's Experience.

Mini Zebu Cattle

Another project we following pertains to our mini zebu cattle. We chose these cattle for a number of reasons, Mini Zebu Cattlestarting with our climate here in southwest Florida, which is tropical and wet. Instead of choosing a breed for dry/cold weather, we chose a tropical species, so the animal would not be fighting the weather or other tropical pressures like poor forage, pests, and swampy, wet conditions that would challenge other breeds. We then started breeding for a beefier line, to make our cattle a good choice for the small acreage rancher. Our mini zebu cattle are able to produce organic beef from native pasture and forbs plants which are unable to be digested by so called "standard size" meat cattle. These cattle can tolerate heat, flies, and scrub forage and still gain weight.

We also have a line of mini zebus that are very small for the collectors. Ages, measurements, pictures and bloodline information can be found on our Mini Zebu Cattle link to the left. We have bred our small minis to be docile by bottle feeding them for collectors who wish to keep them as pets.


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