Therapy dogs and therapy animals for all ADA purposes
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Therapy dogs and therapy animals for all ADA purposes Therapy dogs and therapy animals for all ADA purposes Therapy dogs and therapy animals for all ADA purposes

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I just wanted to write a note to add your all your other testimonials about how you changed our family. When we decided on an Australian Shepherd we set out to find the right breeder. Your love for the dogs and fitting the right dog with the right family is what attracted us to your kennel. You certainly weren't the closest but you were the right one for us. Each week as we drove 10hrs round trip to bond with our new pup confirmed that we had made the right choice. The special care you took to keep the pups safe and clean and how immaculate your kennels were proved over and over how special these dogs were to you. Since we were brand new dog owners you took the time to explain everything in detail and sent us home with everything we needed to get started. The bonding we did helped Ayla as well. It was an easy transition and no one was stressed. You also were there with any questions and support. We were able to take all the paperwork you supplied in your starter kit to a local vet who was able to continue the regiment you had started. She is a happy healthy pup.

Ayla's pedigree is showing us she has the potential to be a great therapy dog. We are hoping we will be able to share how special we think she is with nursing home residents. She is so gentle. Our neighbor has a 10 yr old autistic son and Ayla somehow knows he's special and takes great care to be gentle with him. She doesn't jump up to be petted but rather lays down at his feet and she's not even a year old yet. Thank you for all you do and for the love you have for these dogs and your desire to help families find their perfect new family member.

Clark and Ann Werner
Bell, Fl.

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