Therapy dogs and therapy animals for all ADA purposes
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Therapy dogs and therapy animals for all ADA purposes Therapy dogs and therapy animals for all ADA purposes Therapy dogs and therapy animals for all ADA purposes

TESTIMONIALS - Smartest and Cutest
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I wanted you to know that my little Bailey graduated on Saturday from puppy school. Of course he was the smartest and cutest in class but I think I am prejudiced! Anyway, I was wondering who you were going to breed next and when? I think I am addicted to your puppies! And quite surprised that you have homes for all 5 already! Good for you. Bailey

Our first reverse testimonial and the opening of Buckingham's Legacy
Sylvia came over to help at the kennel to socialize the pups for customers who were far away (for instance, the family from Costa Rica, and another couple from Jacksonville). She gave so much love, not only to the pups she bought for herself (she is going to breed two of my nicest pups for therapy dogs), but spent hours of time with pups whose families couldn't come every week. Shout out a BIG thanks for Sylvia for all her love!

Sylvia 3

Two of our best -- Bailey and Cherry -- are the foundation of a jointly owned kennel in Alabama by myself and Sylvia Johnson. The need for therapy puppies was so great we took the best pups and started a kennel we are naming Buckingham's Legacy. Bailey is out of Annie Get Yur Gun and Bingo; Cherry is out of Trinity's Lily of the Valley and Zoom. We are now one year away from breeding, and want our customers to know these dogs were both therapy temperment, and after certifying we will have high quality puppies available. Both dogs are working for Therapy Dog International in rest homes and schools. We are proud to announce that Cherry follows the old line Aussie, she was born with a bobbed tail!(please add to Sylvia's testimonial to promote kennel.

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