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Therapy dogs and therapy animals for all ADA purposes Therapy dogs and therapy animals for all ADA purposes Therapy dogs and therapy animals for all ADA purposes

TESTIMONIALS - Impressing the vet
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It has been about three weeks since we brought Cooper home. He now weighs 14.3 pounds and had his series of shots yesterday at the vet. The vet says he is very healthy and happy

He is very happy and feisty and loves to play all day and night. We take turns playing fetch with the mini-sized tennis ball and he returns it all the time until he is tired. I think he may have a good shot and flyball next year.

He comes when he is called, sits and lays down on command now and absolutely loves it when someone comes home. His little rear end wiggles so fast because he is so excited and happy.

Sometimes he harasses Bosco our 12 year old Chocolate Lab / Border Collie mix because Bosco is very old and has a hard time playing due to hip dysplacia and arthritis in his front shoulders, but Cooper runs circles around him on the floor and they still find ways to play here and there and bark at each other.

We love Cooper. Thank you for sharing Cooper with our family. :) He brings great joy to us. When our vet saw all the steps you were taking with both health and making sure all steps you take to ensure good health, she asked us for your information. Give a big hug to Annie and a birthday hug to Bingo for us.


Cooper is doing just great! He finished his first obedience class and passed with flying colors. We are going to take him to his citizenship class later this month and then it is on to agility training followed by flyball in the near future. Cooper is really quick and loves to play fetch. He also likes to be chased which is loads of fun, especially when he grabs a sock while you are trying to get ready for work.

At the end of the obedience class he got a chance to do some of the obstacles they use for agility and loved it. He did the jumps the best because we have been practicing that, but also the tunnel and the A-frame. He is such a happy boy and so intelligent that we do make it a point to keep him very busy. Whether it be playing in the yard or practicing commands he is just a great spirit. He and Angie are fast becoming inseparable.

We take him to the park to walk as well as around the block here and he loves it. His last weigh in at the vet he was almost 29 pounds and got another A+ check up. Let's not forget how awesome a guardian / watchdog he is. He alerts us to anything that sounds or appears out of the ordinary. He sits fairly still for his nail trimming but is not a fan of the brush yet. I have attached a few more pictures of him for you. I think you will find he just gets more handsome everytime you see him. Thank you again for our Cooper.

Regards, Dave and Angie


We wanted to send you an update on Cooper and some new pictures. He is still such a good heart. He loves to play in the backyard and go on rides to the park. We lost our Chocolate Lab mix Bosco a few months ago and Cooper does miss him so we try to take him with us whenever we go out and plan days with "pet" friendly places. Of course going to Pet Smart and picking out toys is a favorite thing to do. He also goes with us to the "Dog Bowl" in Cape Coral and sits by the table while we have lunch. They allow dogs outside in the outdoor cafe' area. Cooper has finished his first Agility Class and his first Obedience class now. We went down to the Flyball place in Fort Myers to observe and we may be trying that in a few more months but we want to keep working on him catching and returning with the ball first in the backyard. We have a few family members and fiends with dogs and because we have a nice backyard to run in we schedule "puppy play dates" so he stays socialized with other dogs and people.

We go for walks almost every evening when the pavement is cool and have found a nice safe route with less traffic nearby. The other day we took Cooper to the beach. It was his second time there. The first time didn't go as well because the water was chilly and he wanted no part of it but this time it was a different story. He ran up and down the beach and then we decided it was time to see how he would do in the water. At first, he was resistant and needed a little encouragement but once he saw us go in he was all for it.

He weighs about 47 pounds now and likes us to sit by him when he eats. He loves to play ball in the backyard and brings it back almost every time. He is still a really awesome watchdog and lets us know whenever anyone gets near the house or walks by. Especially if they are walking another dog. What a loving boy he is turning out to be. Hope you enjoy the pictures

Sincerely, Dave and Angie Lewis




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