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Therapy dogs and therapy animals for all ADA purposes Therapy dogs and therapy animals for all ADA purposes Therapy dogs and therapy animals for all ADA purposes

TESTIMONIALS - Double the Love
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We fell in love with our first Buckingham Ranch Aussie in March of 2007. Sir Dylan (Dylan), a red tri, was a little over a year old, and had recently had to separate from his first people family due to a hardship they were experiencing. A close friend of Buckingham Ranch, Judy Hancock at Heavensent Aussies, had been in contact with us about him for a few weeks. Terri and I were apprehensive ... would he like us, would we like him? As time went on, several others were to see Dylan, and each time they fell through. Even the weekend we were heading out, another family backed out of their trip that would have met him before us. This was our sign ... and Dylan was the proof that we were meant to have him! Right away we were stunned by his energy and enthralled by his cool amber eyes! He smiled at us (Aussies really smile ... Dylan and MJyou'll see what I mean) and took to us right away. We were smitten! He hopped in the car and rode peacefully all the way home, with Terri keeping him company in the backseat. He was a little sad at night for about a week, and then settled right in. He is the dog by which all others are measured: loving, obedient, patient and did I mention loving? We were told that Buckingham breeds for temperament and personality ... what an understatement!

He learned our routines very quickly, and with no formal training has learned a list of commands that is tremendously long. He knew sit, high five and bed before we got him, and now has moved on to right, left (no longer just high five!), inside, outside, up, down, roll over and on and on. He even knows his toys by name! He knows what happens when mommy gets up (outside, breakfast, bed, wake up daddy, and he knows what happens when daddy takes a shower and changes (bed, kisses, Blue-his sleep buddy). He is the light of our lives ... and then we decided we wanted another Awesome Aussie. Just so happens that when we were in the market for a beautiful young lady, Buckingham had two that were available.

The kicker is that they were red tris and had the same MOTHER as Dylan! So, Dylan, Terri and I all jumped in the car and drove out to meet them. After about 3 hours, Dylan made his mind up on who he wanted to be his baby sister. We agreed. Now we have Buckinghams Mara Jade (MJ) to keep Dylan company! The most amazing thing about her, is that she reinforced everything we already knew about Dylan ... patient, loving, obedient, and did I mention patient? Ok, so last words on Dylan ... he is an alpha dog. Everyone submits to him immediately, but he has taken MJ as his little sister ... he has trained her, puts up with her annoying him whether hes awake or asleep, and protects her and gives her confidence everywhere they go. They are inseparable, and if he does not see her, he worries and looks for her!

We decided, at Karens urging, to pursue Delta certification with MJ (probably Dylan, too) and have enrolled her in a guided training class -- Puppy Kindergarten -- and she excelled. Head of the class for this little Redhead! She is an adoring and lovable little thing. She has the sweetest, most compassionate demeanor imaginable. Her brother helped trained her, and she has taken to it faster than him. She may actually surpass him, soon. The list of what she knows is barely less than his ... but he is two and half, and she is only 9 months! Mara Jade has cool, amber eyes, too, and many of the same marks as Dylan, but she is far darker in color. Her favorite place is with her brother, and a close second is with mommy or daddy. When she is happy, she is not only a wiggle-butt, but her entire back half bends to and fro, bending almost in half fist one direction, then the other.

We cannot say enough about these Velcro dogs- I mean Aussies. We are fortunate to have them, as you will be, in our lives. We absolutely believe and feel that they have added years to our lives. The joy they bring is immense. There is nothing like PURE LOVE waiting for your key in the door every day!

Robert Harper


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