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Therapy dogs and therapy animals for all ADA purposes Therapy dogs and therapy animals for all ADA purposes Therapy dogs and therapy animals for all ADA purposes

TESTIMONIALS - Harley, A Veteran's Dream Puppy
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Buckingham Ranch Aussies is proud to announce a memorable event! One of our special therapy temperament puppies went home with America's finest this Labor Day weekend, a young man who served multiple tours in the Middle East, with intelligence and distinction. Josh and his lovely wife Taylor had a long list of things they required in their puppy, and we worked with them three times a week training and bonding with red tricolor male puppy from Jesse and Yonko's summer litter. We first scent trained the young puppy at four weeks with t-shirts from both Josh and Taylor, using the shirt multiple times a day to key the puppy to them, and a large stuffed toy to let Harley know about their other dog at home. In a very short time Harley learned to "speak" to get his treat- Josh's shirt! That was too I used the tshirt to train Harley out in our front pasture, to trail his new owner's scent through the grass...he has incredible trailing ability, this puppy's aunt was trained in search and rescue, and it's one of Harley's skills too! This puppy could also do drug searches as well, Buckingham Ranch dogs are involved in that as well. This puppy had the quick coordination of a military dog, a lot of eye contact, right from the start, even more after about four weeks old... Perfect for the projects Josh had in mind for him. We trained him separately from other dogs, so his orientation was really to people only, with socialization to other dogs, cats, etc. was secondary.

Another fascinating facet of this special placement puppy was the other reason Josh wanted a herding dog. It was to help his other dog at home, this second dog was going blind from a genetic condition, and he needed a companion dog to help his first dog travel and feel secure after she totally lost her vision. So this puppy has a lot to keep him busy!

View some of the first couple of months of puppy Harley's life, here at the ranch and with his new owners, Josh and wife Taylor, and new canine friend Bella, and let a veteran know we are here for them!

Harley as a newborn puppy .


The first time Josh met Harley, it was love at first sight! As the breeder I could see the difference in his behavior, this puppy was hooked!


Harley when he was four weeks old


Josh working with Harley in his truck. We suggested three times a week for training and bonding... Worked out great for driving him to the state vet for his health certificate, very confident in a vehicle.


Josh spent a lot of hours bonding with Harley,we were having an extreme heat they spent a lot of time in the AC!


Finally the big day! Harley goes for his State of Florida Health Certificate with kennel veterinarian Dr. Wendy Parra... He was so secure with Josh by this time that the appointment and travel time was a breeze!


Josh, wife Taylor, and Harley the first day home.


Harley with his new friend Bella. Josh intends to have Harley help Bella through the difficult transition into total blindness, this beautiful picture shows the deep bond they already have...we at Buckingham Ranch Aussies are so happy that Josh and Taylor found us...and hope more veterans come for work or companion dogs! Thank you Josh and Taylor for your time and trust.


Harley has been home one week when this picture was taken....the smiles all around say it all!
Congratulations Josh and Taylor!



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