Therapy dogs and therapy animals for all ADA purposes
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Therapy dogs and therapy animals for all ADA purposes Therapy dogs and therapy animals for all ADA purposes Therapy dogs and therapy animals for all ADA purposes

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Logan is doing super. He's learned so much and loves everyone! I've made sure he's exposed to all kinds of people/children/noises/environments on a daily basis.

He was a bit reserved at first, but is super friendly now. He's been to dog-friendly stores and LOVES to run on the beach. There was a music festival down the road from my house and a great opportunity for him to meet lots of people. This weekend is the art show. I'm sure he'll be a hit.

-- Beth

[Note -- Beth is training Logan as a therapy dog.]

I want to give you an update on Logan. He's now 8 months and 1 week old. Can you believe he weighs just about 60 pounds? We walk a couple miles every morning and he plays at the dog park every night, so he's all muscle. He swims every Sunday at Fort DeSoto. He LOVES the water. He LOVES to play. He has such a pleasant nature. All humans love him as he is so sweet to everyone he meets. He is so beautiful too. His fur is really growing in/long and is very interesting.

He completed a basic obedience class and is going for his "good citizenship" certificate next. We will then see if he's ready for therapy dog training. Anyway, I've attached a few pictures so you can see how much he's grown. If you ever do another "match" between Lily and Zoom, please let me know as my daughter would be interested in a puppy. Take care and peace!

-- Beth & Logan

Logan is the love of my life. I feel so, so fortunate that he's my big boy. He is just simply awesome. I don't know if you have information on his brothers and sisters, but I can absolutely sing his praises to anyone who is considering a puppy from that upcoming litter. He's now 75 pounds of complete muscle. His personality is incredible - so mellow, loving, happy, gentle, smart, athletic, silly, and gorgeous. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, thinks he's just the coolest, sweetest dog.

-- Beth


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