Therapy dogs and therapy animals for all ADA purposes
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Therapy dogs and therapy animals for all ADA purposes Therapy dogs and therapy animals for all ADA purposes Therapy dogs and therapy animals for all ADA purposes

TESTIMONIALS - Magical Lola: therapy puppy!
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"What LOLA Wants LOLA Gets" is the official name of our beautiful Buckingham Ranch Aussie. It has been almost 2 months since Lola has come to brighten our lives and the thoughtful breeding that went into the delightful little girl is so evident! Her temperament is visibly sweet and loving! Everyone who comes into contact with her sees how loving and calm she is. Karen really knows how to get the best qualities in the dogs. That knowledge and care is so evident the moment you walk into her kennel. They are meticulously clean! This is a monumental undertaking to keep a kennel so clean that there is NEVER any odors or anything but a clean sanitary floor. Karen is an amazing caring breeder.

Although Karen said she did not teach Lola the sit command, Lola sits for everything! To be petted, to have her leash attached, etc. In less than 20 minutes she mastered the down command, very treat motivated and now that she knows she gets treats for down she makes sure I have the treat in the right hand. She KNOWS where it is and will not hesitate to paw the right hand if you try to fake her out.
Lola's gait when she runs is beautiful and watching her kick up her heels at the dog park is so joyful! When Lola runs after her little human to play chase it looks like both are laughing.

Lola will start her STAR puppy classes soon and she is already 3/4 ready to pass! Part of her training as a medical alert dog for my granddaughter (who has absence seizures) is to know the family. She quickly learned everyone's name in the house. She can go to "daddy" "mom" "belle" and even knows the names of the cats.

So anyone wanted a perfect pet, an intelligent companion, someone to share your heart and home with a Buckingham Ranch Aussie has all those qualities. Thank you Karen for letting Loal be a part of our lives.

-- Dominga Belardo

Update July 2014:

It has been a hectic few months. We moved into a larger house - Lola loves having a bigger back yard - she and Belle can romp much more comfortably! She goes once a week to a doggie day camp to get extra energy out! She loves playing with the other dogs. She is not as tall as her mom but a bit larger than bingo.

6 weeks ago Lola began to snap Belle out of her seizures. I started to notice every now and then that Lola would bump Belle - at first i thought it was because she wanted attention. Then I noticed it was when Belle was "staring" off into space which is when she is having a seizure. Lola seems to know when she is having a longer one! This is really wonderful! Lola also knows to get me when Belle is where she should not be. Its funny to have the dog be a tattletale but thats what I wanted *lol*. Once Belle can lay on the floor and pretend to be unconscious then I can train Lola to come get me. Lola knows, sit, settle down, shake, speak, and instead of "dead dog" we play "naughty girl" where i say naughty girl and she lays on her back for a tummy rub! She is in her teenage days...she listens well for the most part but is always looking to get into mischief if i dont have something for her to do - such as chew on a soup bone, get some homemade peanut butter out of a kong, play ball till she is tired etc.. She is really a joy to be around.

[Note from Buckingham Ranch Aussies -- They had a deposit for some time for a therapy quality puppy. Two female puppies were born, and we picked out the one that bonded to both Dominga and Anna Belle. The change in both of them was amazing in just two weeks! Anna Belle was focused and calm, and Dominga was so happy! Perfect match!]


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