Therapy dogs and therapy animals for all ADA purposes
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Therapy dogs and therapy animals for all ADA purposes Therapy dogs and therapy animals for all ADA purposes Therapy dogs and therapy animals for all ADA purposes

TESTIMONIALS - The Keyworth Experience
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2010 update 2: the Keyworths have added Fargo, son of Bingo, to their family. Fargo is a reserve for when Bingo gets older. Carol even sings to him. Copper really turned out beautiful!

Fargo is adorable and we just love him so much! He and Copper are good buddies, Fargo follows him everywhere! It is cute! Here are the pictures we took the day we brought him home, and then some more of his first week home with his cousin Copper ...

2012 Update
I wanted to write you and let you know how our "Cooper" is doing. He just broke 40 pounds in weight and has become quite the handsome young lad. He loves to romp around and play of course. He has recently started his Agility training class and absolutely has a blast running through the obstacles. His favorite now seems to be what they call the "A" frame. He runs right up and down it like it is second nature and boy is he quick! He does the hurdles and the tunnel and is working on the other obstacles. Angie is working him and it seems every week they both get better and better as they develop the understanding and relationship. He is making us both very proud of how hard he works to learn and behave as best as possible for a puppy who has a heart of gold and the physical drive of a supersonic jet. He is just over 7 months old now and is such a key part of our family. Cooper is very protective of our home and alerts us to everything going on. He patrols the yard and fence line and several times he has chased possums, cats and raccoons away from "his" yard. I am building obstacles this weekend for his continued training at home. We are so happy to have Cooper as a part of our family.

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